W2 Films

The Studio at W2 Films is a modern production facility designed to unleash the kind of creativity that the digital age has ushered in. Here, in the Van Buren Building, in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, our 1600-square-foot production facility is where we concept, script, shoot, edit, and export everything we create. But you wouldn't guess that by being here. The conventional edit bays, cumbersome equipment, and dusty tape libraries of the analog era are gone. In their place is a sparse collection of workstations and a shooting alcove with green screen where creativity is architected by powerful software. It looks less like a studio and more like a set from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. But what happens here is much more tethered to planet earth - the creation of video content that shoots high but remains grounded in a business proposition.

Région: Minneapolis, Etats-Unis